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Senator, compromise will produce a ‘beautiful’ gun bill

Imagine that.  President Trump has asked Sen. Chris Murphy to work with three reasonable legislators in crafting a “comprehensive” gun bill that is to be “very powerful.” Just a few suggestions to the Connecticut senator as he is one of the most far-left members of Congress. The most important thing is this. You will have to give into negotiations with the other senators. But in doing so you may, just may, give the American people a “beautiful” effective bill that the President will sign into law to keep our schools safe.

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Connecticut schools must illuminate history’s ‘big story’

Since 2013 the C3 Common Core has changed the way social studies is taught in our public schools. This has done irreparable harm to students understanding history’s “Big Story.” Fortunately, the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) and authors of the C3 have done a complete reversal of their earlier position regarding national standards. […]

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History education in Connecticut in abysmal shape

For the past 30 years progressive education policies emanating from Hartford have ultimately dictated what is taught in local schools. Apparently, to distance themselves from the damage incurred from these scorched earth policies, some local residents want to believe that Connecticut is a “locally controlled state” educationally. The implication is that the amount of history taught in local districts is just […]