Imagine that.  President Trump has asked Sen. Chris Murphy to work with three reasonable legislators in crafting a “comprehensive” gun bill that is to be “very powerful.” Just a few suggestions to the Connecticut senator as he is one of the most far-left members of Congress.

The most important thing is this. You will have to give into negotiations with the other senators. But in doing so you may, just may, give the American people a “beautiful” effective bill that the President will sign into law to keep our schools safe.

Remember the art of the compromise is essential in crafting legislation. (We learned that in civics although Connecticut doesn’t teach it anymore in our public schools. Instead they teach kids to march.) Nonetheless, the point is you will not get everything you want — like banning rifles that threaten the Second Amendment– our Constitution.  I know this is a passion of yours to do so. But let it go. It isn’t going to happen. It shouldn’t happen. Instead and most worthwhile, seek to be part of something that will produce the greater good.

Work with the other respected senators in a bipartisan way to create a bill that will effectively address the issue of school violence. Hopefully you can be a part to help guide that Toomy- Manchin bill that failed a few years ago and bring it across the finish line. (A bill the NRA did not support.) That is reasonable. Issues of mental health, effective FBI checks and reasonable gun restrictions are also warranted. See what you can do.

Finally, since you are going to help create a bill that is going to be “beautiful”  and help keep our schools safe, tell the high school students that you encouraged to skip school and protest against Second Amendment rights to skip the protest and instead stay in school to learn about the Constitution. If they march for anything it should be for the right to be taught their history.

Tell them that the grown-ups have this issue well in hand. Tell them that you are working on an effective bill that the President will sign.  See what you can do.

Susan Harris lives in Cheshire.

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