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CT’s individual insurance market grew 55 percent under Obamacare

Data from the Connecticut Insurance Department show that more than half the people who bought their own health insurance last year have maintained their old policies. But more than 50,000 of them won’t be able to keep their health plans beyond this year, potentially setting up a repeat of last fall’s turmoil and frustration among people whose policies were discontinued. Continue Reading →

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Latest Obamacare tweak could revive CT debate on extending health plans

The federal government now says that people who renewed their health plans late last year to avoid having to buy new plans that comply with the federal health law can keep them for an extra two years — but only if their states allow it. Continue Reading →

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Connecticut Obamacare exchange adding members. Were they uninsured?

This is a chart that shows the number of people who are likely to be potential customers in the state's health insurance exchange, including the uninsured and people whose old plans were discontinued.

Connecticut’s health insurance exchange is nearing its goal of getting 100,000 people signed up for coverage this year. But how close it is to another key goal — substantially reducing the number of state residents without health insurance — remains unclear. Continue Reading →

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As Obamacare fix is debated, Aetna says it discontinued 12,500 policies

Aetna notified 12,500 individual policyholders in Connecticut that their health plans would not be renewed when they expire. But about 40 percent of them so far have chosen to buy a new policy that begins this year, allowing them to get 12 months of coverage from a plan not subject to the requirements of the federal health law. Continue Reading →

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Adopt or forego? CT leaders weighing Obamacare fix

For state regulators in charge of deciding whether to allow people to keep insurance plans now slated for cancellation, and the politicians who are likely to have a hand in the decision-making process, the choice will require navigating a host of policy, political and logistical challenges. Continue Reading →

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Esty votes for GOP plan on Obamacare

Washington – Rep. Elizabeth Esty, D-5th District, was the only Connecticut U.S. House member to vote for a GOP bill Friday that would allow insurers to renew individual insurance policies and sell similar policies to new customers next year, even if they don’t provide the comprehensive coverage required by the Affordable Care Act. Continue Reading →

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McKinney calls for special session to prevent Obamacare insurance cancellations

Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, R-Fairfield, introduced Obamacare as a gubernatorial issue Friday by challenging Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to call a special legislative session to allow insurance companies to extend insurance policies slated for cancellation at the end of the year. Continue Reading →

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For thousands of Connecticut residents, Obamacare means changing insurance plans

It’s been a consistent talking point for supporters of the federal health reform law: If you like your health plan, you’ll be able to keep it when the major provisions of the law take effect. But for many people in Connecticut who buy their own insurance, that’s not the case. Continue Reading →

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