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Op-ed: Common Core — an unproven ‘reform’ movement

I would strongly recommend that the legislators eliminate the Common Core State Standards and rescind any laws that promote “one-size-fits-all” curricula, high stakes testing, unprotected data storage and a regressive teacher evaluation process. In my opinion, the current “reform” initiative threatens all that is good in educational practice these days while only offering unfounded promises that its “reforms” will make any real difference in solving the politically untenable problem of poverty and inequitable educational opportunity in our society.

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Common Core debate heading to state Capitol complex Wednesday

Legislators will get to hear feedback on the rollout of the Common Core Curriculum Wednesday during a public hearing at the state Capitol complex. The noon event is the result of a move by Republican minority legislators to force the reluctant leaders of the Education Committee to hold a hearing on the bill that would put implementation of the state’s new academic standards on hold.

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State to seek flexibility for rollout of teacher evaluations, Common Core

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy with his education commissioner, Stefan Pryor State officials are seeking flexibility in implementing the U.S. Department of Education’s accountability measures to avoid students being double-tested during the roll-out of the national Common Core State Standards. In announcing the move Wednesday, state officials said they will also seek flexibility on implementing new teacher […]