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DEEP taking heat on its proposed changes to solar policy

Provisions in the Connecticut Comprehensive Energy Strategy that would drastically limit the number of solar systems people and businesses can put on their roofs and could change the payment structure for excess electricity those systems generate have riled the state’s solar industry and those who support it. Continue Reading →

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DEEP’s new boss has a Ph.D. in trash

Robert Klee, 39, is the mild-mannered protégé of the hard-charging mentor he will succeed, Daniel C. Esty. He is set to take over one of state government’s highest-profile agencies and brings to the commissioner’s office a varied background in environment law, science and public policy. Klee is a man who can wax rhapsodic about “transformative efforts on waste.” Continue Reading →

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As Esty exits, some worry, some hope

In fact many are concerned about his departure, worrying that no successor will have the breadth of expertise Esty had across energy and environmental subjects, and some fear a backsliding, especially in regional energy initiatives. Continue Reading →

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Renewable and clean energy surges in Connecticut

Bridgeport — There’s little to suggest that the five large, white-painted steel boxes and a collection of pipes near the railroad tracks was one of the most astonishing developments in clean energy in Connecticut in 2013. The only hint are these words lettered on each box: FuelCell Energy –- Ultra-clean, Efficient, Reliable Power. Continue Reading →

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New CT customers to pick up most of tab for natural gas conversions

The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority Friday signed off on the final version of a plan to convert 280,000 homes and businesses to natural gas heat from oil and other fuels over the next 10 years. The gas conversion plan is the cornerstone of the state’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy unveiled just over a year ago and officially approved by the legislature in the last session. Continue Reading →

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Last-day legislative drama centers on Haddam land swap

With no major legislation remaining, the General Assembly was free today to mull and eventually approve the contentious Haddam land swap, one of the intensely personal issues, favors and grievances that add drama to the frenetic last day of every annual session. Bills are held to the last day for myriad reasons, often having nothing to do with content or merit. They are chips in a game, hostages to be exchanged as one chamber passes the others’ bills while the clock inches toward a midnight adjournment. The last day is when House members stand behind a brass rail in the Senate, waiting to see if their bills have been blessed with a place on the consent calendar, the upper chamber’s way of passing bills in batches on a single unanimous vote. Case in point: After debating a single budget bill for more than eight hours Tuesday, the Senate then passed 73 House bills at 11:25 p.m. on one consent calendar and two more 30 minutes later on a second. Continue Reading →

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