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Trump is finally almost done resigning from his businesses

Before he took office, then-President-elect Donald Trump said he had signed paperwork “turning over complete and total control” of his business empire to his sons; and his lawyer said the more than 400 businesses would be placed in a trust by Inauguration Day. Now, more than 100 days later, he’s nearly fulfilled this promise. Continue Reading →

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‘No transparency’ in Trump hires, ethics chief says

President Trump has stocked his administration with a small army of former lobbyists and corporate consultants who are now in the vanguard of the effort to roll back government regulations at the agencies they once sought to influence, according to an analysis of government records by the New York Times in collaboration with ProPublica. Continue Reading →

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Connecticut’s harsh economic reality felt in ways large and small

Connecticut’s understanding of the harsh realities of its financial crisis is becoming sharper with every passing week. This one started with cities and towns contemplating the long-term impact of Gov. Dannel Malloy’s plan to have them pay one third of their teacher pension costs: a net loss for some this year growing to more than a five-fold increase in costs over the next 15 years. Continue Reading →

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Where there’s willingness, there’s a way for Congress to fix health law

Now that the GOP effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is in limbo, is there a way to make it work better? Democrats and Republicans don’t agree on much when it comes to the controversial federal health law, but some party leaders from each side of the aisle agree it needs repairs. Continue Reading →

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