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Should Connecticut ban e-cigs from public places?

Can an electronic cigarette help you quit smoking? Is it safer than a regular cigarette, or are those claims simply smoke and mirrors? The Connecticut legislature is considering a bill prohibiting the use of electronic nicotine delivery systems, vapor products, and similar devices in the same places smoking is prohibited. Here are excerpts from what a number of witnesses, both pro and con, told the Public Health Committee about HB 6283 in written testimony for a recent public hearing.

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Blumenthal big on introducing legislation, bigger on consumer advocacy

WASHINGTON – Only one other senator co-sponsored more legislation than Sen. Richard Blumenthal in the outgoing Congress — just one indication of the Connecticut Democrat’s energy and broad reach on Capitol Hill. He’s used his position as a member of the majority party in the Senate and his role on key committees to make the most of his political clout. (This is the sixth in a series of stories about the roles each member of the Connecticut congressional delegation played in the 113th Congress.)