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Holder-Winfield quits House, joins Senate

Sen. Gary Holder-Winfield addresses colleagues after taking the oath of office. Gary Holder-Winfield resigned Friday from the House of Representatives and immediately took his place in the Connecticut Senate. Holder-Winfield, a Democrat from New Haven, was elected Tuesday in a special election to succeed Toni Harp, who resigned her Senate seat after her election as […]

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On the trail, the political becomes personal

Gary Holder-Winfield on Sunday, Feb. 9, was seeking support in the special election for state Senate New Haven — Gary Holder-Winfield watched his mother die a slow painful death over four years in the hospital. That helped convince him to embrace a controversial bill coming up in the state legislature—to allow physicians to help terminally […]

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Harp resigns from Senate, starting countdown to special election

Toni Harp, the newly inaugurated Democratic mayor of New Haven, resigned Tuesday from the state Senate, forcing a special election to choose a successor within the next 56 days. By law, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has 10 days to issue a writ of special election. Secretary of the State Denise Merrill must then schedule an election within 46 days of Malloy’s action.