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Holder-Winfield quits House, joins Senate

Gary Holder-Winfield resigned Friday from the House of Representatives and immediately took his place in the Connecticut Senate. Holder-Winfield, a Democrat from New Haven, was elected Tuesday in a special election to succeed Toni Harp, who resigned her Senate seat after her election as mayor of New Haven. “Thank you all for coming,” Holder-Winfield told an audience of lawmakers and staff member from both chambers after taking the oath of office in the Senate. “I, strangely enough, though it would just be a couple of us here.”

In his first speech in the Senate, Holder-Winfield was brief. He thanked his wife, Natalie, and his assembled colleagues, then said, “I am done. Continue Reading →

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Holder-Winfield crushes opponent in New Haven Senate race

New Haven — Despite—or perhaps with the help of—a last-minute blast of negative campaign mailings by his opponent, state Rep. Gary Holder-Winfield cruised to an election victory Tuesday, winning the open 10th District state Senate seat with 76 percent of the vote. Continue Reading →

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On the trail, the political becomes personal

New Haven — Gary Holder-Winfield watched his mother die a slow painful death over four years in the hospital. That helped convince him to embrace a controversial bill coming up in the state legislature—to allow physicians to help terminally ill patients take their lives. Holder-Winfield, a state representative, reflected on his personal transformation on that issue as he trudged up the hills of Upper Westville Sunday afternoon. He trudged carefully. The sidewalks were treacherously icy. Continue Reading →

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Special election set for Senate vacancy

A special election to fill the state Senate seat vacated by Toni Harp, the newly inaugurated mayor of New Haven, will be held Feb. 25, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s office announced Friday. Rep. Gary Holder-Winfield, D-New Haven, is seeking the seat in the 10th District, which includes West Haven and part of New Haven. Malloy issued a writ of special election Friday, and the special election must be held 46 days after its issuance.   Continue Reading →

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Harp resigns from Senate, starting countdown to special election

Toni Harp, the newly inaugurated Democratic mayor of New Haven, resigned Tuesday from the state Senate, forcing a special election to choose a successor within the next 56 days. By law, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has 10 days to issue a writ of special election. Secretary of the State Denise Merrill must then schedule an election within 46 days of Malloy’s action. Continue Reading →

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