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Sick after hours? How to navigate your health care options

There’s no shortage of options for patients who are sick after hours or on weekends and don’t need to go to the ER: urgent care centers, retail clinics, even virtual visits through telemedicine. But what will you get from each of them? How do you decide where to go? Here’s some advice. Continue Reading →

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How to manage a high-deductible health plan

This is an illustration of a woman struggling to figure out what health care will cost.

High-deductible health plans, which are increasingly common, don’t just require people to pay more when they get care; they also leave people with more to understand, from figuring out how much care costs to handling bills that aren’t always clear. Here are some tips from experts on how to manage a high-deductible plan. This story is the latest in a series on how to better navigate the health care system. Continue Reading →

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