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Apple Rehab execs say Rowland provided no services

NEW HAVEN – Prosecutors offered evidence Friday aimed at undercutting former Gov. John G. Rowland’s claim that his $5,000 monthly fee from Brian Foley’s nursing home chain was for substantial work, not a means to hide his alleged status as paid consultant to the congressional campaign of Foley’s wife. And Andrew Roraback, a congressional candidate who says Rowland ambushed him on his radio show, told his story in court. Continue Reading →

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Greenberg’s candidacy takes a complicating detour

NEW HAVEN – Lots of politicians tell the press and public the truth, if not always the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But Mark Greenberg, the Republican nominee for the 5th Congressional District, may be the only candidate in this election season to actually talk about his political ambitions under oath. His status as a government witness in a high-profile corruption trial could complicate the final weeks of his third campaign for Congress. Continue Reading →

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An old FBI agent gets the last word on Rowland, Wilson-Foley

It was April 30, 2012, just minutes before a congressional debate in Torrington. An angry Lisa Wilson-Foley accused Mike Clark of slandering her by questioning former Gov. John G. Rowland’s role in her campaign. “Then the debate started and we never got to complete the conversation,” Clark said Tuesday. “I guess the conversation was completed yesterday in court.” Continue Reading →

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The small, small world of John Rowland

The campaign of congressional candidate Mark Greenberg says that former Gov. John G. Rowland offered political consulting services before Greenberg ran in 2010, but he wanted to be paid through the candidate’s nonprofit animal shelter — not the campaign. The story, which was first reported by the Register-Citizen and confirmed by Greenberg spokesman Chris Cooper, comes after the paper’s previous report that Rowland more recently had worked for the husband of Lisa Wilson-Foley, a congressional candidate this year. The latest story offers no motive for why Rowland would not have wanted in 2010 to be listed as a consultant on a campaign finance report. He did not begin his regular duties as a talk-show host on WTIC-AM until September 2010, well into the campaign season. Had Greenberg accepted what Cooper says was Rowland’s suggestion — to pay him through the nonprofit animal shelter — those payments could have been a public record on the nonprofit’s tax return, if Rowland was paid a significant fee. Continue Reading →

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