As the House and Senate met for a special session Thursday to tackle the remaining whole in the state budget, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy took time for Hartford city politics by endorsing Pedro Segarra for Mayor.


Mayor Pedro Segarra (left) and Shawn Wooden (right)

Segarra’s opponent, Democrat Shawn Wooden, dropped out of the race and threw his support behind Segarra Thursday afternoon.

Segarra thanked Malloy for his support and committment to the city of Hartford.

“The governor has already shown that he knows how to bring this city to the next level,” Segarra said.

Malloy joked that he supports Segarra, although Segarra didn’t support him in the race for governor.

The legislature will attempt to fix a $700 million hole left in the budget after state employee unions rejected Malloy’s concession deal, possibly leading to cuts in municipal aid. Segarra said he will manage crisis as it happens if Hartford sees cuts in state funding.

The candidates left in the mayoral race include Democrats Edwin Vargas and J. Stan McCauley and Republican Mike McGarry.

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