I know of few families who have not been touched, even scarred by alcoholism.  But that’s not even the point of this short commentary by Ford Vox, identified as a brain injury physician and journalist based in Boston.

This depressing piece — infuriating may be a more accurate description — in the Atlantic, http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2012/01/bostons-brain-drain-the-cost-of-being-americas-drunkest-city/250727/ — outlines Vox’s experiences in a couple of rehab hospitals in the Boston area.  He writes of high-performing professionals who are seemingly trying to kill themselves by drinking and driving. Sometimes repeated drinking and driving.

His theme is self-caused traumatic brain injuries. Vox doesn’t even touch on the fact that drunken drivers often take out the innocent as well.

Yes, infuriating is the better description.

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