He is four steps below Mike Allen, the Politico reporter/savant and former Connecticut Timesman. But GQ is pronouncing that Chris Dodd remains relevant in post-Senate lifte as one its top 50 players in DC.

“Need proof that there’s life after a losing presidential bid and getting drummed out of the Senate? Look no further than Dodd, the new chairman of the MPAA. Not only does he represent one of America’s more influential export industries, he also chaperones Hollywood’s leading lights when they come to town and doles out invites to the MPAA’s screening room two blocks from the White House. Added juice: His name is on the financial-services-reform legislation at the center of D.C. lobbying battles for years to come.”

The latter, of course, may be a mixed blessing.

Anyway, Dodd is number 46, one step above Stephen Strasburg, the pitching phenom on the Nationals.

h/t to jpaz

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