Even with the downsizing of newsrooms across the country, it turns out that college journalism majors don’t face the harshest job market. Architecture majors do.

Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce’s annual “Not all College Degrees are Created Equal” shows that 14 percent of recent graduates in architecture programs are jobless, and those who do have a job earn just $36,000 a year.

Neither do majors in fine arts, hospitality management, economics, computer information systems and liberal arts do well in getting a job when they graduate, with about one in 10 unemployed.

Want a sure employment bet? Teaching and health majors have the lowest unemployment rates for recent graduates at 1.9 percent.

Connecticut’s State Department of Labor does make predictions on what the demand for certain occupations will be through 2018, but it does not lay out the unemployment rates by college degree.

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