What’s in a name? Plenty says CEFIA

No secret the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority — the renamed and re-purposed Connecticut Clean Energy Fund — has been none too thrilled with the name it was given in last year’s energy legislation.

How much doesn’t CEFIA like its new name? So much, that as of right now, there are at least two bills in the legislature to give CEFIA the new, new name of the Clean Energy Authority.

“There’s been a lot of confusion as to what the name of the organization is,” said CEFIA spokesman David Goldberg, who noted that legislators who voted to call it CEFIA don’t even get the name right. He said it’s been variously called SEH-fee-ah, SEE-fee-ah, so-FEE-ah (as in Loren), or then there’s a whole group that still calls it the Clean Energy Fund.

The consensus is that the Clean Energy Authority name, Goldberg said: “provides clarity, it provides marketability, and it provides a branding opportunity.”

Of course if you go the acronym route, he said, what you could wind up with is: See Ya!