Republican state Sen. Andrew Roraback’s campaign for Congress in the 5th Congressional District is sharing a brief polling memo that portrays him as the strongest candidate in the general election.

“When NEUTRAL information on EACH of the Republican candidates is introduced to voters, only Andrew Roraback exceeds 50% in a hypothetical ballot matchup against a generic Democrat,” the memo says.

What is that neutral information?

The memo doesn’t say.

The campaign referred questions about the polling memo to its pollster, Adam Geller, who declined to release the wording of the questions or the neutral information.

“I am only authorized to release what is released,” he said.

Scott Will, the campaign manager for Republican Justin Bernier, said the memo is hardly illuminating.

“This isn’t a poll.  It’s a campaign gimmick by a New Jersey company famous for push-polling.  The same company was wildly incorrect in its 2010 predictions,” Will said. “This is an obvious and desperate attempt by Roraback to mislead delegates to the Republican convention next month.”

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