State Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor on Thursday told state board members that the state will onlyintervene in “a small amount” of schools this upcoming school year.

The education bill that was signed into law earlier this week gives the commissioner the authority to intervene in up to 25 school over the next three years. However, Pryor told the board that it would be unrealistic to launch turnaround plans in too many schools this upcoming school year, as that would not leave enough planning time.

Asked by a board member if the $7.5 million allocated for the upcoming school year to turnaround all 25 schools, Pryor said, “It’s isn’t… We will need to seek new allocation in subsequent years.”

Which schools will be named “network” or “turnaround” schools has not yet been determined.

The state board on Thursday announced they have hired Diane Ullman, who will lead teacher development for the State Department of Education.

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