Murphy airs his first television commercial

Rep. Chris Murphy, D-5th District, a candidate for retiring Sen. Joe Lieberman’s seat, plans to air his first television commercial on Monday.

That’s a week after Democratic rival Susan Bysiewicz launched her television ad campaign and more than a month after Republican candidate Linda McMahon rolled out her first television ad.

The fourth candidate in the race, former Republican Rep. Chris Shays, is not reaching out to voters on television yet.

Murphy’s ad, which will run on Hartford broadcast stations and across the state on cable channels is called “Listening.”

Filmed in a supermarket with Murphy, his wife and two young sons as its cast, it features “shoppers” approaching the congressman to thank him for his positions on women’s rights and his attempts to tighten up a “Buy America” campaign.

Another “shopper” complains to Murphy about the partisan bickering in Congress.

His wife says “going shopping is a little different for our family.”

Murphy signs off by saying, “as your senator, I’ll never get tired of listening.”

The ad campaign will run for two weeks and costs about $300,000, campaign spokesman Ben Marter said.

While McMahon’s, Bysiewicz’s and Murphy’s commercials are positive in tone and aimed at introducing the candidates to voters, they are just the first volley of advertising in what’s expected to be a hard-fought campaign with plenty of negative ads.

Murphy and Bysiewicz are vying in the Aug. 14 Democratic primary, while McMahon and Shays are up against each other in the Republican primary on the same day.