Philip E. Austin will finish out the semester teaching at the University of Connecticut while also running the Board of Regents for Higher Education.

The course: Educational Leadership and the Administration of Student Affairs in Higher Education.

Austin takes over as the interim president of the 100,000-student college system — which does not include UConn — following a trio of controversies by the previous leadership.

Austin has taught one course a year at UConn for the past several years, according to course catalogues. The course this semester is slated to end for its 17 graduate students in six weeks.

A spokeswoman for UConn said that Austin has submitted his paperwork for unpaid leave, though it was not immediately clear if he will be compensated to finish teaching this semester.

“Through an agreement with members of the regents’ board, he will finish teaching” this semester, Stephanie Reitz, of UConn, wrote in an email Thursday.

Austin earns $285,000 a year from UConn to teach and take on special projects.

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