Several presidents at Connecticut’s private colleges were paid much more than their couterparts at similiar universities, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports in its annual compensation analysis.

Yale University’s Richard Levin, who retired this year, made $1.6 million in total pay and other benefits last year. The median pay at universities the Chronicle determined were similar was $1.2 million. For example, the president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology made $1 million. Duke’s president made $969,000.

Quinnipiac’s John Lahey is the 25th highest paid president in the country. He made $1.1 million last year. The median pay at similiar institutions was $221,000.

Presidents at the University of New Haven, University of Hartford, Trinity College and Connecticut College were all paid about $100,000 more than presidents at similar institutions. Meanwhile, the presidents at Wesleyan University, St. Joseph College and the University of Bridgeport all made significantly less than their presidents at similar universities.

Curious how these presidents compare to the state’s public college presidents? UConn’s president Susan Herbst contract provides her $578,000 in annual compensation and benefits. The former Board of Regents president for the other state college system was $410,000 a year.

Here’s a chart of private college presidents pay:

private college presidents pay

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