Nationwide, the week started badly for Obamacare and plunged downhill from there.

In Connecticut, whose insurance exchange Access Health CT continues to roll along quite smoothly, officials worked all week to determine how to react to the president’s proposal that insurers be allowed to renew policies in 2014 even if they don’t comply with the Affordable Care Act. Obama’s plan was in response to the anger of millions of policyholders whose health plans are being canceled.

Mirror writers recounted the process (reporting other developments, too).

Monday: Insurance Commissioner Thomas Leonardi says the president’s plan wouldn’t save most health policies canceled in Connecticut.

Tuesday: Most of the Obamacare insurance plans are attracting older customers in Connecticut.


Thursday: Aetna says it has discontinued 12,500 policies.


The Mirror’s entire week’s report is available at  But here are a few stories you shouldn’t miss:

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Jenifer Frank


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