Washington — Move over Rep. Jim Himes, D-4th District, who has repeatedly been on The Hill’s “most beautiful list.” The new writers of the Washington Post’s Reliable Sources column have discovered a decades-old photo of Sen. Richard Blumenthal that proves he was (and maybe still is?) a hunk.

Helena Andrews and Emily Heil, who took over the popular column this week, said they found a photo of the then-34-year-old Blumenthal when they were digging through the newspaper’s archives for coverage of the Abscam scandal — dramatized with a heavy dose of artistic license in the new movie “American Hustle.”

During the Abscam sting, Blumenthal was a federal prosecutor whose job it was to investigate leaks to the media. (It’s hard to imagine Blumenthal being hostile to the media.)

“The young lawyer apparently attracted the attention of the Post (and of the women of Washington, too),” The Reliable Source wrote. “‘He looks rather like a Jewish Robert Redford in a suit and tie, and evidently has prompted a fair share of female hearts to flutter,’ the Post swooned in a lengthy feature about Connecticut’s now senior senator.”

Blumenthal replied that the line earned him a lot of ribbing from the FBI agents he was working with.

Check out the Blumenthal photo here.

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