In the past month, our Washington writer Ana Radelat has written a series of stories that looks at how Connecticut interacts with Capitol Hill.

These are stories that readers could find nowhere else but in the Mirror. And they were stories that mattered – to our pocketbooks and, I’d like to believe, to our sense of who are as Connecticut residents and citizens.

In December, Radelat wrote about the vigil to remember the victims of the Newtown shootings taking place at the National Cathedral, and why that was symbolically important.

She wrote about why Stratford-based Sikorsky Aircraft and other helicopter manufacturers are worried about the future.

She wrote about the measure that Pez, the candymaker based in Orange, was hoping to get passed in Congress; and about why the University of Hartford got rid of its Washington lobbyist; and about how Sen. Chris Murphy, whose strengths have traditionally been in the areas of health care and education, ended up addressing a cheering crowd in Kiev the week before Christmas.

Radelat also teamed up with Alvin Chang, the Mirror’s data editor, to analyze the votes of our seven congressmen and women during the past session of Congress. Chang created interactive graphics that show exactly how our delegation voted:

* CT delegation usually votes the party line, except on local issues

* Votes of CT senators rarely deviate from party position

We’re serious about giving our readers as complete a report as possible about the people and issues that affect our lives, which is why we have a full-time reporter in Washington. We’re the only news site in the state that can say this.

In addition to the stories I mentioned above, here are several other important stories from the week. For the full report, go to

Exchange CEO: Anthem acknowledges billing, payment problems;

Obamacare coverage problems? Here’s what you need  to know

People who won’t come in from the cold

Tom D’Amore dies; was strategist to Weicker, Lamont

Economist: Post-election budget deficit threatens CT’s economic gains in 2014

Renewable and clean energy surges in Connecticut

Have a good weekend.

Jenifer Frank
Mirror Editor

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