ConnCAN poll supports Malloy education reforms

For the second consecutive year, an education reform group has released a poll indicating widespread support for the governor’s education initiatives.

While the results of the survey commissioned by the New Haven-based group were released Tuesday, a spokesman said the questions asked of those surveyed would not be made public.

The Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now — ConnCAN — reports that nearly three-quarters of those surveyed support the reforms passed by the legislature two years ago at the urging of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

The finding that “support is widespread for continuing education reforms… after hearing specifics about the 2012 landmark law” is identical to the conclusion made by the group after its survey last year.

Here’s the question that was asked of those surveyed last year:

“The education reform bill passed last year by the State Legislature and signed by the Governor takes essential steps to close Connecticut’s worst-in-the-nation achievement gap, raise standards for educators, allows immediate action to improve failing schools, increases access to high-quality public school choices, and improves how education dollars are spent. Having heard this information, do you support or oppose continuing these reforms?”