UConn’s Napier wins hunger game

UConn stars Shabazz Napier and Stephanie Dolson


UConn stars Shabazz Napier and Stephanie Dolson

The president of the NCAA has heard UConn basketball star Shabazz Napier’s complaints about going to bed “starving.

“If UConn wants to feed Shabazz breakfast in bed every day they can,” Mark Emmert said Friday on “Mike & Mike” radio show in an effort to take pressure off what he calls “dumb rules about food”.

In that spirit, ESPN host Trey Wingo brought the Husky some breakfast Friday while on the show “Numbers Never Lie.”

“We’ve got some pancakes, eggs,” Host Trey Wingo says as he serves breakfast to Napier shortly after Emmert’s comment.

“Where’s mine,” interrupts women’s star Stefanie Dolson.

“You’ll get yours young lady,” Wingo replies. “Ok. So enjoy eat up.”

Napier has drawn a lot of attention recently to the NCAA’s rules on what food schools are allowed to provide to athlete. He said student athletes often go hungry when asked whether student athletes should be able to form a union.

The NCAA’s legislative council earlier this week eliminated all previous restrictions on food for athletes.