Bacchiochi apologizes, Walker accepts

After a night of drama about statements attributed to Penny Bacchiochi about David Walker making issue of her biracial marriage, Bacchiochi and Walker issued a joint statement Friday: She apologized; he accepted.

Bacchiochi and Walker are candidates for lieutenant governor.

Statement from Penny Bacchiochi: “I regret that this misunderstanding occurred and has taken the focus away from what is really important, electing a Republican Governor and Lieutenant Governor. Neither Dave Walker nor his campaign made any insensitive remarks toward me or my family. I apologize to Dave and his family. Dave and I have met and agreed to put this matter behind us, and to focus on the critical work of the convention.”

Statement from Dave Walker: “I accept Penny’s apology and I believe she issued it with all sincerity. I look forward to a healthy debate on the issues and our qualifications moving forward.”

CT GOP Chairman Jerry Labriola:  “I’m pleased that Penny and Dave have resolved this matter. Now we can move on to the reason we are all here this weekend, to nominate our candidates.”