Republicans go the polls in a statewide primary on Aug. 12 to pick the top of their ticket. But there also are 20 other primaries for state legislative and probate nominations, eight involving incumbent Democratic legislators.

“It is important that voters are fully aware of the primaries taking place on August 12th,” said Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, who oversees elections. “We in Connecticut have a number of open seats in our General Assembly on both sides of the aisle, and many candidates lining up to replace outgoing legislators.”

Democrats have four primaries to settle nominations for state Senate, three involving challenges to incumbents in urban districts: Eric Coleman of Bloomfield, whose district includes part of Hartford; Anthony J. Musto of Trumbull, whose district includes part of Bridgeport; and Andres Ayala of Bridgeport.

Democrats have 10 primaries to pick nominees in House districts, half involving incumbents: Douglas McCrory of Hartford, Christina Ayala of Bridgeport, Bruce Morris of Norwalk, Chris Perone of Norwalk and Linda A. Orange of Colchester.

One of the most interesting primaries for an open seat is in the 124th District of Bridgeport, where Ernest E. Newtown II is trying to make a comeback after previous terms in the House, Senate and, more recently, prison. Newtown is the endorsed candidate.

Republicans have no contested nominations for state Senate. There are five in the House, none involving challenges to incumbents. One of the House GOP primaries is to pick a nominee to succeed House Minority Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr. of Norwalk, who is not seeking re-election in the 142nd House District.

In the race for governor, the GOP convention-endorsed candidate, Tom Foley of Greenwich, is being challenged by Senate Minority Leader John P. McKinney of Fairfield.

For lieutenant governor, the convention-endorsed candidate, Penny Bacchiochi, is being challenged by Heather Bond Somers and David M. Walker.

There also is a GOP primary for comptroller: the convention-endorsed candidate, Sharon J. McLaughlin, is challenged by Angel Cadena.

McKinney and Walker are running as a team, but voters would need to know that going to the polls. They appear on different lines of the ballot, and voters are free to pick one but not the other.

The state’s largest bloc of voters, the 800,000 unaffiliated, can participate only if they register with a party before noon on Aug. 11. Seventeen-year-olds who will be 18 by the general election on Nov. 4 also can register for the primaries.

For online information on how to register or to check your voter status, go to

The asterisks denote the convention-endorsed candidates.

* The asterisks denote the convention-endorsed candidates.
Office Party Candidate
Governor Republican *Thomas C. Foley
John P. McKinney
Lieutenant Governor Republican *Penny Bacchiochi
Heather Somers
David M. Walker
Comptroller Republican *Sharon J. McLaughlin
Angel Cadena
State Senate – 2 Democratic *Shawn Wooden
Eric D. Coleman
Len Walker
State Senate – 20 Democratic *Elizabeth B. Ritter
William L. Satti
State Senate – 22 Democratic *Anthony J. Musto
Marilyn Moore
State Senate – 23 Democratic *Andres Ayala, Jr.
Scott Hughes
Assembly District – 7 Democratic *Douglas McCroy
Donna Thompson-Daniel
Assembly District – 23 Republican *Devin R. Carney
Vicki Lanier
Assembly District – 32 Democratic *Kathleen G. Richards
Anthony “Tony” Salvatore
Assembly District – 44 Democratic *Christine Rosati
Michael Cartier
Assembly District – 47 Republican No Endorsement
Doug Dubitsky
Noah Enslow
Michael P. Meadows
Assembly District – 48 Democratic *Linda A. Orange
Jason Paul
Assembly District – 64 Republican *Brian Ohler
Mark Lauretano
Assembly District – 122 Republican *Ben McGorty
Michael C. Vickerelli
Assembly District – 124 Democratic *Ernie Newton
Andre Baker
Assembly District – 128 Democratic *Christopher Rosario
Christina Ayala
Dennis Bradley
Teresa Davidson
Assembly District – 133 Democratic *Cristin McCarthy Vahey
Matt Waggner
Assembly District – 137 Democratic *David Watts
Chris Perone
Assembly District – 140 Democratic *Bruce Morris
Warren Pena
Assembly District – 142 Republican *Emily Wilson
Fred Wilms
Probate District Plainfield – Killingly – 27 Democratic *Andrea Truppa
Anna Zubkova
Probate District Madison – Guilford – 34 Republican *William Bilcheck
Gail S. Kotowski

Mark is the Capitol Bureau Chief and a co-founder of CT Mirror. He is a frequent contributor to WNPR, a former state politics writer for The Hartford Courant and Journal Inquirer, and contributor for The New York Times.

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