Washington – Rep. Joe Courtney, D-2nd District, has raised about $1.2 in his race against Republican candidate Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh, whose latest filing with the Federal Elections Commission shows her campaign has raised $84,400, most of it from her own pocket.

Although Courtney has outpaced Hopkins-Cavanagh in fundraising, he reported fewer donations on Sept. 30 than he did at this point in the two previous campaign cycles.

Hopkins Cavanagh has loaned her campaign $51,000 and raised about $27,000 from individuals, including in-kind donations of office space in Stonington and Vernon and an in-kind contribution in the form of an automobile repair. She has also raised $6,000 from political action committees or PACs.

The Grassroots East Federal PAC gave the Hopkins-Cavanagh campaign 5,000, while the Vernon Republican Town Committee, one of two organizations that gave an in-kind donation in the form of rental space, donated $1,000.

Courtney has raised nearly $763,000, or more than half of his campaign cash, from PACs.

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