DAS Commissioner Donald J. DeFronzo is retuiring.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announced one reappointment and two administrative changes Friday: Donald J. DeFronzo is retiring as the commissioner of administrative services and will be succeeded by Melody Currey, who now runs the Department of Motor Vehicles.

DAS Commissioner Donald J. DeFronzo is retuiring.
DAS Commissioner Donald J. DeFronzo is retiring.

DeFronzo, a former New Britain mayor and state senator, will retire next month from the Department of Administrative Services, and Currey, a former state representative and East Hartford mayor, will take over the top spot at DAS, according to the governor’s office.

Also Friday Roderick Bremby was reappointed as the commissioner of the Department of Social Services, and James P. Redeker was named to continue as commissioner of the Department of Transportation.

DeFronzo, 66, had served as New Britain mayor followed by five terms in the Senate when he left the legislature in January 2011 to join the Malloy administration.

“Don and his management team have carried out our mission to streamline state services with professionalism and dedication,” Malloy said. “Under his leadership, DAS has identified millions in savings and made state government run more efficiently so that it can better serve the public. I want to thank Don for his commitment to making government work better for our citizens, and also commend him on a remarkable career of public service.”

DeFronzo oversaw streamlining of the state’s construction contractor selection process that helped launch over $300 million in projects in 2014. Four years earlier the department, which oversees maintenance of most state buildings, had managed approximately $100 million in projects with the same staff.

“I am grateful to Governor Malloy for the opportunity to serve in his administration,” DeFronzo said. “We have accomplished a great deal at DAS over the last four years, including implementing effective management practices, achieving significant process improvements and developing innovative strategies that have helped save the taxpayers of Connecticut $68 million.”

currey, melody
Motor vehicles Commissioner Melody Currey will take over at DAS.

Currey, another longtime legislator and former deputy House speaker, also joined the Malloy administration in January 2011 as DMV commissioner.

In naming Currey to succeed DeFronzo, Malloy praised his DMV commissioner for helping to upgrade “antiquated technology systems” and make the motor vehicles department more accessible to the public.

“I am looking forward to my new appointment at DAS and working with the staff to move the agency forward,” Currey said. “My four years at DMV brought about many changes that created a more effective department for people and businesses. I have those same goals for DAS.”

The governor did not announce Friday who would succeed Currey as DMV commissioner.

Bremby joined the administration as commissioner of social services in March 2011.

“Rod’s experience, accomplishments and skill set make him the right choice to continue the extensive reforms and progress underway at one of our largest and most challenging agencies, Malloy said. “He has dedicated his career to serving the public in the fields of health and human services, environmental protection and management of complex service delivery.

Redeker joined the DOT in 2008 after a 30-year career with the New Jersey Department of Transportation and NJ Transit. During his tenure here, Connecticut has developed a major busway linking New Britain and Hartford. Labeled Ctfastrak, the busway will open in early 2015.

“Since taking over at ConnDOT, Commissioner Redeker has demonstrated the kind of expertise, forward thinking and leadership ability it takes to bring our transportation infrastructure into the 21st Century,” Malloy said.

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