Himes invited to Obama’s last state dinner

U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, D-4th District

U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, D-4th District

Washington – Rep. Jim Himes and his wife Mary have been invited to rub elbows Tuesday evening with movie stars and other celebrities at President Obama’s last state dinner, in honor of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Singers James Taylor and Gwen Stefani, comedian Jerry Seinfeld and actor John Turturro are on the guest list, as are former race car driver Mario Andretti and fashion designer Giorgio Armani.

Himes’ office did not have an immediate response to why he was invited to the swank – and very exclusive – White House affair.

Obama will have held 14 state dinners, a few more than former President George W. Bush, who held 11.