We already knew that Donald Trump is morally and ethically unfit. Many voters ignored his history as a shyster in business. The role as president has amplified his mindless self-serving self-interest for personal gain. Mafia criminality is an apt description.

All the ongoing exploitation and corruption will be exposed completely. Hillary Clinton’s would have been subtle, but there. Trump’s is blatant so that we can’t miss it. We now have to take accountability for what is coming next. Our choice. Our legacy.

What Trump embodies is the compounded and amplified DC agenda on both sides of the aisle that is showing us is how many of us only care about ourselves, our wealth, status and privilege, screw everyone else.

For the past 40-plus years, “running government as a business” and “economic development” have been code words for legitimized, government-sanctioned corruption: Politicians and public officials serving as active agents of business profitability and personal gain through government. It represents the blatant absence of honesty, morality, ethics, integrity, and conscience by those in public office. It is an abdication of responsibility for governance and accountability as leaders that serve We The People. Personal gain from public office is criminal corruption.

Donald Trump and the DC agenda are showing us how far we away have moved from our values as human beings and as a nation. We are entering end-stage democracy due to malignant criminal corruption.

And for those who voted for him, what made you look the other way? Is calling yourself a Republican so important that you compromise your own integrity as a human being? He is not a leader except for those who follow him.

We only tolerate and accept dishonesty, immorality and corruption as the way things get done because we lack self-respect and don’t believe that we and everyone else deserve to be treated with respect as human beings.

As individuals and as a nation, we have prostituted our own integrity for a false sense of status, privilege and power to hide our own narcissistic inferiority complex. Allowing the lies and not speaking up, we become the lies. We pander to politicians for our personal causes and don’t hold ourselves or them accountable for equality and equity, shared power and justice, and the dignity and well-being of everyone.

Governance of the people, by the people, and for the people requires moral and ethical fortitude by ALL of us as citizens without exception.

Leadership is about human progress moving us forward both individually and as a society, not manipulation and exploitation for personal profit and gain. Leaders enact the universal law of unity, the truth that we are interdependent, that we are one: care, understanding, respect, and responsibility for and accountability to the whole of life. Leadership means that in every relationship we are honest, truthful, moral, ethical with our highest integrity as a human being. These are the progressive values of leadership. THIS is leaders’ “higher loyalty” in service to life.

Leadership means a level playing field so that no one is hungry or homeless and everyone has a living wage and quality health care and education as foundations of support to fully actualize who they are as human beings. No one is left behind for any reason.

The DC agenda on both sides of the aisle is the sociopathic abuse of authority and power that blocks leadership: Ensuring the ability for everyone to lead our lives with dignity and well-being.

And so I ask our local, state and national politicians, how does the DC agenda “make things better?” Why are you silent, following along in conformity, compliance and complicity? How does the destruction of our relationships as human beings and society by pervasive exploitation, manipulation and corruption NOT matter here in Connecticut? Why don’t you think through the implications and consequences of your choices?

Please tell us how mindlessly serving businesses and corporations benefit anything other than corporate profits, shareholders and your own re-election campaigns. Bottom line: None of our politicians are leaders.

Lucira Nebelung is the founder of Leading As Love in Niantic.

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