Connecticut is an affordable health care success. Under Democratic leadership, the state established Access HealthCT, the most efficient and successful state-level health insurance exchange of any state in the country!

It was so well managed, that its CEO, Kevin J. Counihan, was selected to head the federal exchange. It was the enthusiastic support of engaged citizens that allowed us to pass landmark legislation despite strong opposition from the Republican-controlled general assembly. One might ask, where does their loyalty lie when they fight against beneficial healthcare measures intended to support their own constituencies?

Here are the facts. Access HealthCT cut the rate of uninsured by nearly half, bringing insurance to more than 100,000 Connecticut residents who could not previously afford healthcare. When people are insured, more can work, providers get paid, and healthcare works better for everyone. Despite fallacious messaging and misleading numbers by the President and the Republicans, Connecticut residents know the truth. In the last year, they have registered in record numbers with the state exchange. It seems to me, the program speaks for itself.

Our leadership has set an example for the nation. Let us continue to stand up for affordable healthcare for all. We must maintain our commitment to affordable health care in Connecticut and work to protect the rights of all Connecticut residents to access the care they need.

Claire M. Walsh lives in Deep River.

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