The economy has improved since President Trump has taken office. Black unemployment is the lowest ever, Hispanic unemployment is the lowest in decades.  The growth of the economy which is measured by GDP, or Gross Domestic Product, is 4.1 percent the highest it has been in several years. All of these economic indicators nationally are directly affecting the Connecticut economy in a positive way.

For one thing, manufacturing in Connecticut is on the rise.  For the first time in many years, we are making something again. CNC machining, for example, is really taking off in Connecticut. Pratt & Whitney is hiring in this area, and so are many other companies. Additionally, the defense industry in Connecticut, including Sikorsky Helicopters, Pratt & Whitney jet engines, and Electric Boat down in Groton, are all benefiting from the Trump administration’s hawkish new defense budget.

Furthermore, the Trump Administration recently another $719 billion in spending to improve national readiness on the world stage to not only compete but beat other countries with more up-to-date equipment maintaining the U.S.A.’s technological edge.

After getting out of the Navy in 2011, I tried unsuccessfully to get a job at EB where, at the time they were only making one submarine a year. Now they are making two, so employment opportunities are more available. I’m all over the greater Hartford area every day for my job with AAA. This morning, a customer who worked at Eversource told me they were hiring, and I should apply. This has happened to me a lot lately. People who work at Pratt have advised me to apply there, and so on.

I’ve got to tell you from what I’ve seen and heard daily, people are more upbeat than they were a few years ago. They are more upbeat about life, including the job market; the malls were full the last few weeks I’d been there with my teen daughter. Overall, people are a lot more satisfied with the way things are and the direction that the country is headed compared to only a few years ago. Another factor to prove my point: my “tip jar” is a lot fuller than it used to be. Whereas before I was grabbing a burger after work, now it’s “Man, I’m having steak tonight!” And lobster! Boy, was it ever good. Thanks, Donald.

Dan Trew is a student at Goodwin College.

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