Gov. Ned Lamont has proposed $336 million in tax cuts.
Gov. Ned Lamont

Gov. Ned Lamont had hip replacement surgery on Wednesday morning, almost exactly a year after he had his other hip replaced.

Lamont had the procedure done at Stamford Hospital in conjunction with the Hospital for Special Surgery, according to a release from the governor’s office. Last year’s surgery took place at the same hospital.

“The surgery is very similar to the one he experienced just about one year ago, however it was on the opposite hip,” said the statement from Max Reiss, the governor’s spokesman. “His medical team says that he is on track for a speedy recovery, and over the next couple of days he plans to rest at home while working remotely.”

Lamont had considered hip replacement surgery since before he took office.

He turned 68 on Monday.

This story was revised on Jan. 6 to reflect a clarification from the governor’s office about the location of the governor’s surgery.