For Connecticut’s nonprofits, a time of reckoning

The Connecticut Mirror’s multi-part series on how the state’s reduction of financial support has affected nonprofit organizations providing human services to Connecticut residents.

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How to stop squeezing nonprofits and their clients

The task for caring for society’s most vulnerable citizens was first taken on by churches, then by towns, and now primarily by the state. So how can the state maintain its commitment to those with developmental disabilities, mental health or addiction issues and other conditions in difficult budgetary times? There are ideas out there… Continue Reading →

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After years of cuts, nonprofits struggle to survive

The term “nonprofit organization” may well be misleading. Some might think nonprofits aren’t really businesses. Ah, but they are; indeed, some are large, intricate and highly regulated businesses. Like for-profit businesses, they need revenue to execute their missions. When that revenue falls off, they must make creative and/or hard-nosed business decisions. Continue Reading →

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Change is coming for nonprofit human service providers, but will it make or break them?

It is a time of reckoning for Connecticut’s private, nonprofit social services. After two decades of flat or reduced funding from its chief client — state government — community-based agencies are struggling to retain both their programs and the low-paid staff who deliver care for thousands of poor, disabled and mentally-ill adults and children. Continue Reading →

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