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3 GOP challengers looking to oust Esty

WASHINGTON– Rep. Elizabeth Esty’s latest Republican challengers may not have Andrew Roraback’s name recognition or Mark Greenberg’s wealth, but they are all determined to win the right to represent the 5th District in Congress and change the composition of Connecticut’s all-Democratic congressional delegation. They are Matt Maxwell of Sandy Hook, Clay Cope of Sherman and John Pistone of Brookfield. Continue Reading →

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Esty’s ‘nuanced’ votes on Obamacare rile liberals and GOP

Washington – As a Democrat, the freshman is under pressure from her party to support President Obama’s signature law. But as a Democrat representing Connecticut’s 5th District, which has a history of supporting Republicans, Esty is also pressed to distance herself from some of the more unpopular aspects of the law.

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High court affirms most of Affordable Care Act in 5-4 ruling

The Supreme Court upheld the linchpin of President Obama’s health care reform this morning, ruling 5-4 that Congress can use its taxing power effectively to compel all Americans to buy health coverage by 2014. Continue Reading →

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