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Opposition to aid in dying in Connecticut is an exercise in speculation

I would like to respond to the article titled “Physician-assisted suicide is not a choice issue,” which appeared in the March 25 edition of CT Mirror and was written by Lisa Blumberg. In simplest terms, her letter denounces aid in dying, which is immediately evidence by her use of the term “physician-assisted suicide.” Death with dignity is a sensible death; suicide, as we normally think of it, is a senseless death. I strongly support aid in dying (also referred to as death with dignity) because I believe that it is a person’s right and that in well-defined circumstances, it is a compassionate and helpful option.

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Op-Ed: Civil liberty should include freedom to decide on dying as well as living

Protecting civil liberties requires us to defend certain choices and an individual’s right to make them. Most of the choices we defend involve how people live. However, American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut and Compassion & Choices-Connecticut are allied in believing that people have a right to make informed decisions about the end of their lives as well.