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26 CT agencies say no more layoffs — for now

The leaders of 26 Executive Branch agencies have informed Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s budget office of significant cuts they will be making to meet major savings targets in the new state budget. They also have said that no state employees need to be laid off beyond those already announced.

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What cuts loom at your community college or regional university?

“This is a very challenging budget that we are looking at,” said Mark Ojakian, the president of the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities system. “Times of crisis are a time of opportunity. We are going to have to do business differently. We are not going to be able to sustain even this level of funding in the future. It’s going to be tough.”

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State budget cuts threaten the mentally ill and addicted

I am opposed to the recent ill-advised budget cuts made in the areas of health care, social services and education, and I am engaged in a touch advocacy effort to see these cuts rescinded. Our most disadvantaged residents will be disproportionately affected by these draconian cuts. I urge you to advance the concerns of those we care about most.

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Budget cuts will hurt Connecticut’s most vulnerable residents

As someone who has testified and written frequently about funding decisions and service modifications and also as someone who is very familiar with health disparities in Connecticut, I believe that the governor’s current budget rescissions are not only evidence of a disconnect between the state’s commitment to ending disparities and inequities in health and health outcomes, but they are also a departure from the state’s early commitment to the enactment of the Affordable Care Act.