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Carly Fiorina urges GOP unity, yet won’t speak Trump’s name

STAMFORD – Carly Fiorina seemed to endorse Donald J. Trump, if only by inference Tuesday night. She never allowed herself to say his name in a 30-minute speech to Connecticut Republicans, yet vowed, “I will do everything in my power between now and November to make sure that Hillary Clinton is not our next president.” Continue Reading →

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Fiorina keynote speaker for a CT GOP that went big for Trump

Carly Fiorina was announced nine days ago as the keynote speaker of the Connecticut GOP’s annual fundraiser, the Prescott Bush Awards Dinner. She signed on Wednesday to the stop-Trump movement as Ted Cruz’s running mate, less than 24 hours after Donald J. Trump won the Connecticut primary in a landslide. Continue Reading →

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Trump, Clinton lead GOP, Democratic fields in Connecticut

A Quinnipiac University poll of Connecticut voters brought unsettling news Tuesday to both parties: Their presidential frontrunners are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but both candidates are viewed negatively by a majority of voters. Ben Carson trails Clinton by only 2 points in a general-election matchup. Continue Reading →

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