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A Republican asks: What is party loyalty in the time of Trump?

The backlash experienced by a Republican councilman after endorsing Hillary Clinton illustrates why some GOP candidates might distance themselves from Donald J. Trump, but only a handful have crossed that very bright line to say the Democratic nominee would be preferable as president. Continue Reading →

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GOP diners treated to Rell, Rowland and Democrats’ misfortune

STAMFORD – It was a night for Republicans to gloat a bit about the Democrats’ Black Tuesday, tell a new joke about Dick Blumenthal, recognize John G. Rowland and say good-bye to Gov. M. Jodi Rell. Nearly 800 Republicans crowded into an under-sized ballroom Wednesday night for the annual Prescott Bush fundraising dinner, bringing in $300,000 and setting the stage for this weekend’s GOP nominating convention. “Isn’t it great to be a Connecticut Republican?” asked Chris Healy, the GOP state chairman. Gov. Rell, ex-Gov. Rowland: ‘Great to be a Connecticut Republican’ (Mark Pazniokas)

This week, it is. Continue Reading →

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