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Op-Ed: Congratulations, Governor. Now wise up on education policy

You did it, Gov. Dannel Malloy. Another close one, just as Colin McEnroe predicted last May. You certainly earned the victory, having headed the state during economically merciless times, in the face of hurricanes and a horrible school shooting. Your critics during the election acted like you had inflicted some kind of disaster on the state, but there never really was a big pile of evidence to that effect. Given the benefits of incumbency, name recognition and party resources, by rights you should have won by a much wider margin. Continue Reading →

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Common Core an issue in Wilson, Kennedy race for Senate

The national debate over Common Core has come to the race for the open 12th State Senate seat, with Republican candidate Bruce H. Wilson, Jr. calling for the state to reconsider its plan to require all school districts to adopt new academic standards along with new standardized tests. Continue Reading →

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Common Core debate heading to state Capitol complex Wednesday

Legislators will get to hear feedback on the rollout of the Common Core Curriculum Wednesday during a public hearing at the state Capitol complex. The noon event is the result of a move by Republican minority legislators to force the reluctant leaders of the Education Committee to hold a hearing on the bill that would put implementation of the state’s new academic standards on hold. Continue Reading →

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