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U.S. Senate votes to leave many education reforms to the states

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Senate Thursday approved a sweeping overhaul of federal education law that would leave up to Connecticut and other states whether to continue with education reforms including the controversial Common Core standards and linking teacher evaluations to student test scores. Continue Reading →

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Op-Ed: Yes, you CAN opt your kids out of Connecticut SBAC testing this spring!

This post is not specially written to address Common Core itself, but rather to remind all parents concerned about the data and privacy issues and content of standardized testing, that they have the right to opt their kids out of the SBAC testing –regardless of what they are told by their child’s school. Continue Reading →

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Op-Ed: Connecticut, a Jim Crow state?

All of Connecticut’s children are harmed by the narrow and inappropriate content of the Common Core Standards, but children of color are hurt most of all. Connecticut should reject reject this misguided “reform” and foster real growth and real learning among its young. Continue Reading →

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