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Another day, another flare-up between Ojakian, CSCU faculty

After completing a whirlwind town-hall tour of all 17 campuses in the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system, Mark Ojakian, the system’s president, was greeted by unwelcoming faculty in Hartford Thursday when he returned to meet with his governing board. Continue Reading →

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CSCU regents adopt tuition hikes, consolidation framework

Updated at 8:13 p.m.
The Board of Regents for Higher Education adopted tuition increases that will eliminate more than half the $35-million budget deficit the state’s largest public college system is facing in the next fiscal year. The board also adopted the framework of a plan to dramatically consolidate the administrative and operational structures of many of the system’s colleges. Continue Reading →

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Ojakian pitches sweeping consolidations to keep CSCU ‘viable’

The Board of Regents for Higher Education will be asked Thursday to endorse a framework for saving at least $41 million annually through the administrative and operational consolidations of institutions that have remained autonomous since the merger in 2011 of the state’s 12 community colleges, four regional state universities and the online college, Charter Oak. The system’s president, Mark Ojakian, said the present structure no longer is viable. Continue Reading →

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Tuition hikes blunt CSCU budget gap

The president of the state’s largest public college system said tuition increases spread over the next two years are necessary to help close a budget gap of at least $70 million over that time while still giving students the ability to handle and plan for future costs. Continue Reading →

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For third straight year, state college system freezes hiring

Connecticut State Colleges & Universities President Mark Ojakian is issuing an immediate hiring freeze for the system’s 17 schools and its central office, a spokeswoman said. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s proposed budget would cut the state’s block grant to the college system by $25 million. Continue Reading →

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Op-Ed: Time to dismantle the CT Board of Regents

The buzzards have been circling above Connecticut higher education for many years, and it is certainly time to bring it back to life. There isn’t a teacher or a staff member in the entire Connecticut State College and University system who doesn’t want that to happen. However, the current iteration of the Board of Regents isn’t helping. Continue Reading →

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Op-Ed: Connecticut should try performance-based funding for colleges

Two weeks ago, statewide newspapers reported the governor’s proposed budget for public post-secondary education is nearly $50 to $80 million less than needed to support the operations at the University of Connecticut System and the Connecticut State College and University System. Continue Reading →

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CSCU’s projected budget shortfall jumps

The projected budget deficit facing the state’s community colleges and regional Connecticut State Universities has grown from $38 million two weeks ago to $48 million today – a 4 percent structural deficit from what is needed to continue providing existing programs and staffing levels, school leaders said. Continue Reading →

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Malloy budget chief: We want to spend more on colleges than proposed

The governor’s budget director said Friday that Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s $60 million spending proposal aimed at renovating and upgrading the buildings at the state’s largest public college system is just a down payment on what’s really needed. Continue Reading →

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