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Third time a charm? State again seeks federal preschool funding

Connecticut leaders are asking the federal government for $47.6 million so hundreds of foster and homeless children can attend a high-quality preschool. Though children from all families in poverty will be eligible for the expanded preschool program, the state says it will give priority to children who are homeless or in foster care. Continue Reading →

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Op-Ed: CHEER an important step… but Connecticut can do better

The Department of Children and Families’ new CHEER program is an important positive step toward improving outcomes for young people who would otherwise age out of the Connecticut foster care system. But the state can do better. Continue Reading →

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DCF introduces program to extend care to more foster children

Last year 79 foster children in Connecticut “aged out” because they did not enroll in a college or technical school at age 18. But a new state program aims to keep about 30 to 40 of those foster children under state care by providing subsidized housing, job training and formal employment at jobs. Continue Reading →

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Will Katz’s efforts be enough to reform Connecticut’s child protection agency?

When Joette Katz was tapped to lead the state agency that has been under a federal court order for decades for failing too many of the state’s abused and neglected foster children, child advocates and lawmakers were delighted. The former state Supreme Court justice estimated it would take her a year to turn the agency around enough to shed court oversight. Today, 2 1/2 years later, the court monitor reports that significant problems still linger at the state Department of Children and Families. So is the honeymoon over? Not quite. Continue Reading →

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