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Compromise would increase UConn Foundation transparency

State legislators have reached a compromise they hope will ease a dispute over transparency at the University of Connecticut Foundation. The foundation still would not be subject to the state’s Freedom of Information Act, however. Continue Reading →

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Lawmakers concerned over CSCU administrative costs

Top state legislators are concerned about how much officials of the state’s largest public college system are spending on administrative costs. (Photo: CSCU President Gregory Gray answers legislators’ questions.) Continue Reading →

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They may have a college degree, but does that lead to a job?

Two legislative committees have approved a bill that would require the state’s public colleges and the departments of Labor and Education to implement a system to track information on student employment once they graduate from Connecticut public colleges and universities. Continue Reading →

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New higher ed chairman wants to reduce public colleges’ autonomy

If the new chairman of the legislature’s Higher Education Committee gets his way, the independence that the state’s public colleges have enjoyed for years will be reined in more under lawmakers control. “I have a simple philosophy: over the years the legislature has ceded too much autonomy to the universities,” Sen. Steve Cassano, D-Manchester, said in a news release announcing his appointment this week. Continue Reading →

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Community college faculty, lawmakers upset by UConn plan to limit transfer credits

Community college faculty and the leader of the legislature’s Higher Education Committee are upset with a proposal UConn officials plan to vote Monday on that would limit the number of credits students can transfer from community colleges. Continue Reading →

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