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Pelto: Can a political consultant give himself the right advice?

There’s never been anyone in Connecticut politics quite like Jonathan Pelto, the Democrat threatening a third-party run for governor. No one has worked in top jobs on so many successful campaigns as a precocious teen and 20-something. And no one has burned so many bridges. Continue Reading →

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Tom D’Amore dies; was strategist to Weicker, Lamont

Thomas J. D’Amore Jr., a puckish political presence in Connecticut for more than 40 years, most notably as a key strategist for Lowell P. Weicker’s successful runs for U.S. Senate and governor, and later for Ned Lamont’s challenge of U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, died Tuesday after an apparent heart attack. He was 72. Continue Reading →

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At the State Capitol, a Tea Party of one

As the only avowed Tea Party adherent to win election in Connecticut, Joe Markley is a curiously laid-back representative of a movement known for its anger and frustration with government spending and policies. “I’ve not the hard-driving sort,” said Markley, who has degrees in English from Amherst and Columbia. “I’m a very relaxed firebrand.” Markley’s brand of small-government Republicanism has not sold well in Connecticut since 1984, when he and 11 other GOP challengers won state Senate seats on Ronald Reagan’s coattails, only to lose them two years later on a changing political tide. After an absence of 24 years, he’s coming back in January to take the same seat, allied with minority Republicans and the even smaller Tea Party, an anti-tax movement that failed to coalesce here into a coherent political vision or strategy. Continue Reading →

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