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Long hours for many staff at juvenile jails

A heavy reliance on overtime at the state-run juvenile jails raises a number of questions, including whether it is cost-effective and whether it over-stresses staff, making them less effective in managing difficult situations with inmates. Continue Reading →

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Youth service officers: We are not abusing kids in jail

A state investigation that uncovered improper use of restraint and seclusion at Connecticut’s juvenile correction facilities left out one important element, front line staff members say: their voices. “We cannot and will not be portrayed as the enemy or the abuser of the young people we are dedicated to helping and healing,” says Suzanne Borner, a teacher at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School for boys in Middletown. “We ask you to remember that every story has another side, and a whole lot more context. Please hear ours,” said George Register, a youth service officer of eight years. For example, consider  the story of Jennie. Continue Reading →

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The state of Connecticut juvenile incarceration in 17 charts

Each year about 3,000 children enter Connecticut’s juvenile justice system after being convicted of breaking the law. Here, in graphical form, is a historical overview of what happens to youth after they are found guilty, including details on the jails where about 200 youths each year are sent to live. Continue Reading →

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Few disciplined over restraints, seclusion in juvenile jails

There were only two cases during the 12-month period ending June 30 in which the Department of Children and Families moved to discipline staff for improperly restraining a youth at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School for boys or the neighboring Pueblo Unit for girls. Continue Reading →

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Juvenile incarceration in Connecticut: A tale of two agencies

It is a tale of two state agencies that run Connecticut’s juvenile justice system. One is now under fire from child advocates and attorneys for mistreating incarcerated youth. The other agency once was, but is now considered a national model. Continue Reading →

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A second chance for CT youths who break the law?

On any given day, about 160 young offenders are incarcerated in Connecticut’s juvenile jail or pre-trial detention centers. State officials want to substantially reduce that number, but first they have some obstacles to overcome. First of two articles. Continue Reading →

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