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The state of UConn in 15 charts

The University of Connecticut has been undergoing tremendous growth recently — partly evidenced by the $1.3 billion budget officials adopted last week. Here, in graphical form, is a historical overview of where the public university gets and spends its money, who it enrolls, and how many it employs. Continue Reading →

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Connecticut colleges receive millions from the Pentagon

WASHINGTON – Connecticut colleges have been increasingly benefiting from money from the Pentagon over the last few years, winning millions in contracts from the U.S. armed forces to conduct research on a wide range of products used in national defense — from sensors that track the health of soldiers to instruments that detect matter in outer space. Continue Reading →

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As UConn builds more labs, research funding shrinks

Farmington — Leslie Loew, a researcher at the University of Connecticut, had planned to study the use of fluorescent dye and light to help doctors better repair life-threatening heart rhythms, but his funding was cut so that research will have to wait. Many research projects have stalled at the University of Connecticut as research funding dips. Over the past five fiscal years, annual research spending at UConn has declined by $61 million — a 26 percent reduction. The problem is that the federal funding spigot responsible for much of that research is narrowing. Federal stimulus funding ran out in 2012, and the federal government implemented across-the-board spending cuts in March — called sequestration — which affects research awards. Continue Reading →

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