Starting next year, people who buy insurance on their own or work for small businesses will have the option of buying coverage through the state’s new health insurance exchange, called Access Health CT, created as part of the federal health reform law. It will open for enrollment Oct. 1, selling plans that take effect Jan. 1.

You can find out what your monthly premiums would be by looking at the charts below.

Customers buying insurance through the exchange will have a choice of three insurance companies, and three plan types. The plan types — bronze, silver and gold — vary based on premiums and out-of-pocket costs. In general, bronze plans have the cheapest premiums but require you to pay more when getting care. Gold plans cost the most in premiums but you’ll have less to pay when you get medical care.

To see what the deductibles, copays and coinsurance requirements are for each type of plan, click here.

To find your monthly premium on the charts below, select your age in the column on the left side and match it with the county where you live. For a family, find the rate for each person and add them together.

Many people who buy insurance through Access Health are expected to qualify for discounted rates, subsidized by the federal government. You can find out if you qualify for a discount by clicking here.

To go straight to the charts for a particular plan type, click on the name:

Individual market plans: Bronze Silver Gold

Small group market plans: Bronze Silver Gold

For printable charts, click on the following links:

Individual market plans: Bronze Silver Gold

Small group plans: Bronze Silver Gold

Figures for these charts come from Access Health CT.

Individual market:

Bronze plans

Silver plans

Gold plans

Small group market

Bronze plans

See what kind of deductibles and cost-sharing you’ll have for a bronze plan by clicking here

Silver plans

See what kind of deductibles and cost-sharing you’ll have to pay for silver plans by clicking here

Gold plans

See what kind of deductibles and cost-sharing gold plans require by clicking here

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