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As costs rise, will narrow network insurance plans catch on in CT?

Would you buy a health plan that covered fewer hospitals and doctors if the premiums were 10 percent less? So-called narrow-network plans haven’t had much traction in Connecticut, but some think that’s likely to change. Continue Reading →

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Anthem uncertain it will continue in CT’s individual market next year

This is a picture of the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield logo at the company's Wallingford headquarters

The company’s president wrote that the insurer is likely to notify regulators this summer that Anthem will withdraw from the state’s individual market. She added Anthem might not actually choose to pull out of the market, but is required to give six months’ notice if it withdraws and needs to preserve its options. Continue Reading →

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Access Health seeks to tighten midyear enrollment rules, citing potential abuse

This is a picture of Access Health's New Britain store

People who try to buy health insurance after the annual open-enrollment period could soon face stricter scrutiny before getting covered under a proposal aimed at cracking down on those who forgo insurance, then enroll once they get sick. Continue Reading →

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Average Obamacare prices drop for those with subsidies, rise for others

Exchange customers who signed up for 2017 coverage and get federal help discounting their premiums will save a couple of dollars each month compared to what they pay now. But for those who don’t qualify for financial aid, costs are rising an average of $76, and for some, that’s after switching to plans with less coverage. Continue Reading →

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Critics urge more transparency in Anthem-Cigna merger review

This is a picture of Anthem's application to acquire Cigna

Saying that “all eyes will be on Connecticut,” critics of two pending mergers of major health insurers have asked the state’s insurance commissioner to take steps they say would increase transparency in the review of Anthem’s proposed acquisition of Cigna. Continue Reading →

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116,019 CT residents signed up for Obamacare plans

This is a picture of Access Health CEO Jim Wadleigh and Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, chairwoman of the exchange's board, at a press conference Monday.

Updated at 6:50 p.m.
In all, 116,019 Connecticut residents signed up for private insurance through the state’s health insurance exchange, Access Health CT, during the open enrollment period that ended last week, officials said Monday. Continue Reading →

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New Access Health customers skew younger, lower-income, so far

This is a photo of Pedro Lopez asking how long it will take to sign up for insurance at the Access Health CT store in New Britain.

More than 5,400 new customers have bought private insurance through the state’s health insurance exchange since Nov. 1, a group that includes more young adults and more people who qualify for subsidized coverage compared to the current customer base. Continue Reading →

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Anthem individual rates to rise 2.4%, ConnectiCare’s by 8.5%

Premiums for the 55,000 people who buy Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield health plans through the state’s individual market will rise by an average of 2.4 percent next year, while ConnectiCare Insurance Company’s 34,400 customers will see an average rate hike of 8.5 percent. Continue Reading →

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Regulator lowers most proposed health insurance rate hikes

Most insurance companies selling health plans in the state’s individual market will get to raise customers’ premiums in 2016, but not by as much as they proposed, and one major carrier will have to lower its rates, according to decisions released by the Connecticut Insurance Department Saturday. Continue Reading →

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